Understanding an Enemy

Though the following article is not “news” per se, it is well researched and does shed some light on the leadership of one of today’s most vocal groups of firearm abolitionists. While it is fine that Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action has served in a number of respectable roles during her career, the perception that she is some sort of caring homemaker who is only in politics “for the children” is an outright falsehood. Her background in a number of PR roles means she knows how to frame the issue in the most favorable light for her organization. You can also be sure that her liberal colleagues would not be too proud of some of her past roles (i.e. Monsanto). Lastly, the organization is a non-profit, but individually she has donated several times to the Obama campaign, in addition to a number of other Democratic election efforts.

As I implied before, she is entitled to her views no matter how flawed they may be. The problem is that these abolitionist groups are almost always made up of a relatively small group of wealthy people who inevitably come off as incredibly ingenuous.



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