New Poll Supports Criticism of Gun Control Data

Some readers may remember my criticism of the data used by the Obama administration and its allies to scold Congress after the rejection of gun control legislation back in April. At the time, I noticed a significant disparity in the number of people who supported background checks for firearm purchases (90%) and those who supported further gun control (~50%) (Link: Despite this massive difference, President Obama repeatedly stated that 90% of Americans supported more gun control. Clearly, the facts were being twisted and according to more recent data, it looks like we were correct to assume that advocates of gun control were preying on people’s ignorance.

This week, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) released a poll conducted by McKeon & Associates covering the issues of background checks and gun shows. What McKeon & Associates discovered was surprising even for knowledgeable firearms enthusiasts. According to the 1,200 Americans polled, only 40% thought “universal background checks” were the answer to preventing gun related crimes after learning that most sellers at gun shows are already required to carry out such checks. This is a massive change from the 90% figure touted by anti-gun groups. Those who dismissed our concerns as “idle speculation” would be well served to take a look at this new study. NSSF’s press release can be found here:

Readers who missed Modern Rifleman’s discussion regarding background checks can find it here: . In that article, I broke down why the estimation that 40% of “sales” go without background checks is wholly inaccurate.


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