Nothing to Worry About: Registration Leading to Confiscation in Canada

How many times have we heard gun control advocates say that they are not coming for our guns or that we should not fear universal background checks and registration if we are law-abiding gun owners? Usually, it is easy enough to point to Britain and Australia as examples of how these policies have been used to attack gun owners, but occasionally a somewhat educated prohibitionist will point out that it has not happened in Canada. Based on the CBC article below, this may be about to change.

Citing the ability to convert the rifles to fully-automatic fire, RCMP officials have announced that they will be moving popular Swiss SAN and Czech VZ rifles to the prohibited list. As a result, thousands of lawful gun owners will be forced to turn in their semi-automatic rifles, potentially without compensation. As was pointed out in a previous article, Canada no longer has a long gun registry, but many Canadians feel the data from the old registry still exists an was used to take firearms from Alberta citizens during last year’s flooding. The expectation is that the RCMP will use the old data to enforce this new classification. It should also be pointed out that the RCMP has yet to address the feasibility of a fully-automatic conversion, nor have they cited a case where such a conversion was performed.

It appears that Canadian gun owners are preparing for a huge political showdown and I encourage all of our readers to support them in whatever way possible. This case serves as a prime example of how a registry can be used against law-abiding gun owners, who most certainly do have something to fear.


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