Noir: Episode 8 in Review

Episode 8 of the NRA’s new web series, Noir, aired this past Sunday. Titled “Protecting Means Celebrating”, the show aimed to shed some light on how enjoyment of firearms often leads people to become more involved in protecting Second Amendment rights. This week was also significant in that it was the final episode until the Noir returns in September.

This week’s show lead off with Colion recounting a recent afternoon spent accessorizing one of his AR-15 rifles. In describing his efforts, he emphasized the enjoyment he got out of the activity and how it excites him to consider all the possibilities in outfitting his rifles. As gun owners, I think this goes without saying, but many of those outside the shooting community are unlikely to understand just how fun accessorizing a firearm can be. I can certainly say that I had a “damn that looks good” moment after putting together my M16A4 clone complete with Knight’s Armament RAS and ACOG. It was also nice that both Colion and Amy pointed out that Second Amendment support comes out of this sort of enjoyment. As someone who was anti-gun up until I first held one, I can certainly appreciate the effect that handling and studying firearms can have on a person’s mindset.

On the range this week, Colion, Amy, and Darren were joined by 7-year NFL veteran and Dallas Cowboy, Edgar Jones. The course for this segment involved shooting Daniel Defense AR-15s and what appeared to be Glock handguns at a variety of steel, cardboard, and bowling pin targets. While not as exciting as previous trips, it was the first time that the course has involved handgun shooting since the series began two months ago. I was particularly impressed with Edgar’s performance with both firearms and was unsurprised to learn that he has been a hunter nearly his entire life. Amy struggled somewhat with the Glock, but I think it went to show just how difficult it can be to shoot proficiently with a sidearm.

In an interesting break from tradition, Amy took the reins in this week’s review segment. While we have all been (and still will be) waiting on a Heckler & Koch VP9 review from Colion, Amy reviewed the Mossberg 930. Sporting an attractive white camouflage paint scheme from Kryptek, the 930 has some serious aesthetic appeal. Amy also took care to structure her review very similarly to Colion’s efforts. All in all, the reviews still feel like advertisements for sponsors’ products. Given the lack of variety, I really am not sure these segments add to the show. I did like that Colion addressed some criticisms of his own review style. I have long been critical of Colion because his reviews often lack the technical details that I appreciate. This week, Colion established that he prefers the more emotional, experience-driven review style, rather than the more common technical approach. I can respect this, even if it is not my preferred style.

This week’s guest was Tom Taylor, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Mossberg. While the segment was relatively short, it was interesting to hear that Mossberg is looking to reach younger shooters. Traditionally, Mossberg firearms have been well regarded, but have been far more popular with older shooters. I am curious to see whether or not Mossberg will move more into the “tactical” market that dominates the industry these days.

Now that the show has reached its midseason break, I think it is fair to say that Noir has matured a great deal since episode 1. That said, this was not the show’s strongest week in terms of content and a break might be best in keeping the show fresh. In the season’s second half, I hope to see more meaningful, fact driven political discussions and guest segments. The range sessions have been excellent and I hope to see more exotic firearms in coming episodes. Lastly, it would be nice to see more variety in the firearms chosen for review and fewer sponsor products taking center stage. Noir will return in September so be sure to check back for future reviews.


Episode 8:


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