Mike Pappas returns with Dead Air Silencers


Mike Pappas, founder of SilencerCo, has teamed up with ex-SilencerCo designer Todd Magee to once again offer high-end suppressors for firearms enthusiasts. Those who are familiar with the recent personnel exodus at SilencerCo will remember that Pappas was fired by the company last November. Under his leadership, SilencerCo exploded from its relatively humble beginning in 2008 to becoming a market leader over the past couple of years. In 2011, SilencerCo acquired Southeast Weaponry Research (better known as SWR) and brought SWR President Henry Graham into the mix. Graham was let go at SilencerCo back in May.

With Dead Air Silencers, Pappas looks primed to take back the upper echelon of the suppressor market. His new Sandman lineup of 7.62mm suppressors should be very competitive with SilencerCo’s Saker and Advanced Armament’s new SR7. Interestingly, Dead Air also plans to release a Titanium version of the Sandman. I’ve long wondered why SilencerCo has never released a Titanium suppressor and it looks like Pappas may finally bring one to market under his new company.

The only remaining questions now are how will the Sandman perform? How much will the Sandman cost? and will Henry Graham be joining Pappas in this new endeavor. I anticipate the Sandman will go toe-to-toe with the Saker in both price and performance, but the Graham factor remains to be seen. It is certainly my hope that Henry will return to the market given his involvement with the phenomenal Octane and Specwar lines of suppressors while at SWR/SilencerCo.

More about Dead Air Silencers here: http://deadairsilencers.com/



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