Canik and Century Arms to Release Updated TP9

Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion of affordable clones of popular handguns. In addition to the classic 1911, designs from CZ, Walther, and Beretta have all been successfully duplicated and offered at absolute bargain prices. One of the best selling and most competitively priced of these new offerings is the TP9 made in Turkey by Canik 55 and imported for the US market by Century Arms. Often found in the sub-$300 range, these Walther P99 clones have proven themselves reliable and are offered in a wide variety of colors. While the TP9 has faithfully copied the general function and controls of the P99, most have found it to be a little too large and rather homely in appearance. Owners have also complained about the TP9’s lackluster trigger.

Fortunately, Canik has taken some of this criticism to heart. Century Arms has announced this week that they will be carrying a new version of the TP9, titled the TP9-SA. This single-action model is a departure from the previous double-action/single-action version, although Canik also plans to roll out updates to the DA/SA model as well. Changes include a totally revamped (almost FN-esque) grip and Picatinny rail. Canik has also changed the trigger and trigger guard on the new models. The sights on the new models are steel whereas the old TP9s had plastic sights. The trigger on both of the new TP9s has also been improved and the gun will ship with a holster and two MEC-GAR magazines. Canik will also be manufacturing a .40 S&W version dubbed the TP40.

MSRP for the new TP9-SA is reportedly $399, but street price should fall below that. I hope to pick one of these up at some point for review. These new TP9s may fit the “poor man’s” PPQ/P99 bill very well.

Check out the differences:

Old TP9 (Image courtesy of Centerfire Systems)

New TP9 (Image courtesy of Canik 55)

UPDATE (12/28): I have updated this article to reflect the fact that these pistols do not accept Beretta 92 magazines. Despite initial claims from Canik that they would, Century Arms has verified that Beretta magazines will not work in the new TP9-SA handguns.


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