Recover Tactical’s Rail & Grip Systems Place Rails Where They’ve Never Been Before

Israeli company, Recover Tactical, made somewhat of a splash among 1911 enthusiasts earlier this year when they released their Recover Grip & Rail System for 1911s. In the past, when someone wanted to add a rail to 1911 series handguns, the only real options were to have a rail permanently welded to the frame or to use an aftermarket accessory that mounted to the trigger guard. Recover Tactical’s new products give 1911 (and now Beretta 92) users another option that should be both non-permanent and relatively robust. Limited end-user feedback seems very positive for these kits and seem to put some durability questions to rest.

While the grips clash with the 1911’s classic aesthetics, Recover’s newest Beretta models look much more at home on the highly contoured Italian sidearm. Since my M9 is currently my bedside gun, I have been looking for a way to easily add a light to the pistol. However from an embarrassingly superficial perspective, I do not want to permanently alter the attractive lines of the handgun. Recover Tactical’s new railed grip seems like a perfect solution for me. Look for me to pick one up for review in the near future.

Recover Tactical’s webstore:

Recover Tactical Grip & Rail System for Beretta


3 thoughts on “Recover Tactical’s Rail & Grip Systems Place Rails Where They’ve Never Been Before

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