Well this is Interesting… Stealth Engineering Folding Suppressor Mount

SEG Folding Suppressor Mount

Predator Intelligence, a tactical gear blog, has a feature today on a new suppressor mounting system from Stealth Engineering Group that allows users to quickly fold their suppressor to the side of their firearm when not in use. The first thing that came to my mind when seeing this was just how similar it looks to the famous folding “pig-sticker” on the Mosin-Nagant M44 rifles. The second thing was that suppressor manufacturers are going to have a cow when they see this. Generally, manufacturers discourage the use of thread adapters with their cans. I imagine they will be even more hesitant to warranty a suppressor that has been mounted to a folding adapter. For those who really like this relatively novel idea, SEG makes suppressors in just about every caliber known to man for those who have concerns about post-purchase warranty support. Unfortunately, details on the cans themselves are pretty lacking on SEG’s site.


Predator Intelligence: http://blog.predatorbdu.com/2014/12/stealth-engineering-group-folding.html

SEG Suppressors: https://www.segsuppressors.com/



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