CMMG’s Appropriately Named Mk47 MUTANT


Readers who follow other blogs or who are active on social media will likely have seen CMMG’s new Mk47 MUTANT rifle by now. The first legitimate challenger to Rock River Arms’ LAR-47, the Mk47 is an AR-style rifle that features an intermediate size (between AR-15 and AR-10) receiver and accepts standard AK-47 magazines. Unlike the LAR-47 and other 7.62x39mm AR variants, the Mk47 uses a modified AR-10 bolt and carrier group. With this information, what should we be most excited about?



AR-10 style bolt: The use of a modified AR-10 bolt in the Mk47 means the rifle should be more durable and the bolt should last longer than 7.62x39mm ARs that use modified AR-15 bolts. This could also open the door for using some other intermediate cartridges in the rifle.

Free-floated barrel: This is nothing special in the AR world, but as far as 7.62x39mm firearms go, free-float configurations are not exactly common. Some of the reason the round gets a bad reputation for poor accuracy can almost certainly be attributed to this factor. Paired with soft-point ammunition, the Mk47 should be an excellent deer rifle, where legal.

Mil-spec AR-15 trigger: The stock trigger is not likely to be a world beater, but being able to install any aftermarket AR-15 trigger should help to squeeze the last bit of accuracy out of the rifle.

AK Magazines: Readers who own AK variants likely realize that AK magazines are among the most robust and reliable feeding devices in the world. Short of running them over with a tank, most steel European AK magazines can take a beating and still feed reliably. I also like the way they rock into place.

Weight: At 7 pounds unloaded, the Mk47 is not exactly featherweight. However, with a 15” rail this is impressive.



No bolt catch: The Mk47 will not lock the bolt back after firing the last round in the magazine. This is a function of the AK magazines, which have no provision for such functionality. Using Yugoslavian/Serbian magazines might provide a workaround, but it is doubtful that these would properly lock back the AR-10 style bolt of the Mk47

No sights: With a starting MSRP of $1,499 the Mk47 could at least come with some Magpul folding iron sights.

CMMG has always been an interesting company that is not afraid to try something new. They have revolutionized the .22 LR AR-15 and it looks like they hope to do the same with 7.62x39mm variants. I just wish they carried as many 5.56mm configurations as they used to.


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