Learning from Mistakes: How Not to Debate

The above segment featured on Fox & Friends last week. In it, Everytown spokesman Mark Glaze and “Girls Just Want to Have Guns” founder Regis Giles “debate” the proposed M855 ban. I use the term “debate” loosely because neither party seems to have any command of the facts surrounding M855 and the whole piece was so sloppy, it literally ruined my lunch this afternoon.

As is typical, Glaze is condescending and incorrect throughout the segment, however the most appalling aspect of the whole thing is Giles’ lack of preparation heading into the interview. Glaze repeatedly throws easily refuted softballs the entire time and Giles not only fails to capitalize, she somehow comes off as more ignorant than Glaze himself. No one is refuting that M855 will pierce soft armor, but Giles seems to think it will not. Tucker Carlson even correctly drives the conversation towards the fact that all rifle rounds will do so (hint: soft armor is not rated for rifle rounds) and Giles still managed to botch the appearance. When Glaze smugly asserted that M855 should be banned because a particular AR-15 manufacturer was pushing AR-15 pistols, Giles should have forced him to name the company, admit that ARs can be adapted to almost any caliber, and concede that a “pistol” can be made out of virtually any rifle simply by removing or omitting the stock. Instead, she stammered on about kevlar, small bullets, and a host of other nonsensical “points”.

I really am not trying to pick on Regis Giles here. I appreciate her enthusiasm for firearms and willingness to get in front of a camera to defend gun owners. It is just incredibly disappointing that she made no effort to do her homework before appearing on national television and got it handed to her by someone who was essentially making it up as he went along. I started this site to help gun owners debate more effectively and intelligently, Regis Giles did neither.


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