The State of Modern Rifleman: Q2 2015

Every three months, I look forward to reserving time to reflect on this site and evaluate the Modern Rifleman’s progress toward goals I set at the beginning of the year. Though I keep a close eye on visitor and article statistics, most of my daily observations are simple data points that lack the perspective needed to assess overall site health and productivity. In this vein, yesterday signaled the end of 2015’s second quarter here at Modern Rifleman and I am excited to share the results.


Since the site’s inception in April of 2013, Modern Rifleman has enjoyed relatively steady month-to-month growth. While this trend has been less reliable in recent months, daily traffic seems to indicate that the site is still on a very healthy growth trend and it looks like monthly views consistently in excess of 10,000 may soon become a reality. Compared to Q2 2014, this past quarter saw at least 100% growth for each of the three months. While Q1 2015 was more successful overall (28,055 views versus 25,637), much of February’s traffic was driven by the ATF’s attempted M855 ammunition ban and that momentum did carry over into early March to skew the metrics. Q2 enjoyed much more diverse readership than Q1 as views were distributed over a wider variety of articles.

At time of writing, Modern Rifleman is ranked 798,873 in the United States in terms of traffic over the last 30 days according to Alexa Site Rankings. This is good for the 3,808,634 spot worldwide. While the site has plenty of room to grow, these rankings are surely headed in the proper direction. At the halfway point of 2015, daily traffic averages 297 views, up 70% from 2014’s 174 view average.

Site ranking according to

Site ranking according to

Unsurprisingly, reviews and tutorials significantly outpaced most political articles for the quarter. Another strong driver of traffic was the Suppressor Performance Database, which now features over 120 entries with detailed statistics for some of the industry’s most popular suppressors. The success of this feature can in large part be attributed to support from NFA powerhouse, Silencer Shop, who has kindly offered to assist in the collection and compilation of data for the database. On the reviews side of the ledger, Modern Rifleman partnered with Atlantic Firearms to examine the Inter Ordnance AKM247. While the review was not as positive as both of us would have hoped, this has opened the door for future engagements with one of America’s favorite sources for Kalashnikov rifles.

Top posts for Q2 2015

Top posts for Q2 2015

While the first half of 2015 has been incredibly encouraging, I expect that this is only a small sample of what is to come for Modern Rifleman. Look for an exciting announcement within the next few weeks regarding a new and innovative partnership that could bring some truly unique articles to the site. Additionally, I have already begun work on another round of reviews that are sure to offer quality insight on some of the firearms world’s most popular guns and gear. With this sort of momentum, it is truly exciting to think about what might rest just over the horizon.

Thank you to all readers out there. Without your participation and input, none of this growth or these opportunities would be possible. I look forward to continuing this journey with all of you in the months to come.


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