I launched Modern Rifleman on April 4, 2013 during my senior year at the University of Notre Dame. When I was younger, my family didn’t exactly love the idea of firearm ownership and admittedly, I was pretty willing to buy into the anti-gun belief system as a kid. Then, in middle school I purchased my first paintball gun. After a brief spell with airsoft, I find myself here as an avid collector and shooter. Perhaps ironically, my collecting started in 2006 with my parents’ support and help when they purchased me my first Mosin-Nagant and I inherited my grandfather’s Winchester 1885 and Stevens pump action .22 LR. Today, the collection has grown considerably and I have developed a passion for reviewing less common firearms.

Unfortunately, recent political developments have forced me, and our firearms community as a whole, to become much more involved in representing our cause. My hope is to use this site to help gun owners debate firearms legislation more effectively and to do so in a manner that is concise and easy to understand/share. I have created a Facebook page and Twitter account for Modern Rifleman in order to more easily connect with readers. I truly feel social media is our best weapon against the misinformation spread by traditional media outlets.

The name Modern Rifleman comes from the idea that more than ever, new and young gun owners are self taught enthusiasts who have not come from shooting families. Many of us were originally exposed to firearms through games, movies, and sports like paintball or airsoft. Speaking personally, these experiences piqued my interest in the history, significance, or mechanics of firearms and fostered a curiosity to collect, study, and shoot just about any firearm I can obtain, particularly those with military heritage. As much as ever before, gun owners are an incredibly diverse group and I hope that in time, I can share some examples of this with readers.

I am an avid St. Louis Blues, Indianapolis Colts, and Cincinnati Reds fan. Obviously, I also support Notre Dame. I have a background in information security and business intelligence, both of which give me unique perspectives on statistics and legal issues. As a result of these interests, do not be surprised if I post about sports and technology at times.

Reach me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ModernRifleman?ref=hl

Follow Modern Rifleman on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ModernRifleman

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