History: Winter War 1939-40:
A Well Regulated Militia:
Mikhail Kalashnikov Dies at 94:

10 Quick Tips for Taking New Shooters to the Range:
Some Good Self Defense Stories:
Vision and Shooting: Astigmatism and Keratoconus:
An Inspirational Story from our Firearms Community:
Steel Cased/Bimetal Ammunition Bad?:
Gun Fact: Subsonic .40 S&W:

A Deeper Look at the 40%:
A Deeper Look at the 40% Follow Up:
Make Sure to Share This!:
The Folly of Cross Cultural Comparisons:
LEO Survey on Gun Control:
Gun Tax: The New Poll Tax?:
Do 90% of Americans Actually Support More Gun Control?:
Mark Kelly, The Day After:
NRA President David Keene on Obama’s Speech:
Wall Street Journal on Gun Control Failure:
Wired: AR-15 as a Gadget:
The AR-15 is the Best Home Defense Weapon:
A Well Regulated Militia:
The Australian Gun Control Experiment:
NIJ Study: Defensive Gun Uses:
Background Checks, Registries, and the Automobile Comparison:
Legislation Protects Guns?:
The Best AR-15: Home Defense:
Guns: Responsibility and Projection:
Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords: A Crusade Against Gun Owners:
Rationality Rebooted:
ATF 41P: Fingerprints, Photos, and CLEO Sign-off for NFA Trusts:
Self Defense Ammunition Penetration:
Modern Rifleman’s Response to ATF 41P:
Comment Period for ATF 41P has Closed:
Mikhail Kalashnikov Dies at 94:
New Poll Supports Criticism of Gun Control Data:
New York SAFE Act: Money v. The People:
Chicago: Guns and Gangs in the Windy City:
Kevin de Leon: Ignorant or Dishonest?:
John Lott: Evaluating Mother Jones:

Century Arms CETME Review (2009):
Bersa Thunder 22 Review (2012):
Colt/Walther 1911 Gold Cup .22 LR Review:
Mini Beer Review: Champagne Velvet:
Mini Beer Review: Moerlein Over the Rhine Ale:
Simplisafe: DIY Home Security:
TNW Suomi M31 (KP-/31) Review:
Self Defense Ammunition Penetration:
What am I Getting? A Comparison of Popular Optics:
SIG 522 Review:
Tech Review: Powerline Networking with TP-Link:
Heckler & Koch USP Review (9mm):

Updated: 1/20/14 at 7:45pm


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